The Landmark University Commercial Farms was established with University’s vision; Leading the agrarian revolution. The farm had since its establishment in 2010 has successfully engaged youths, men and women in agricultural productivity for food security in Nigeria and Africa.

The farm is an integrated Crop and Livestock production farm with a world-class food Storage and processing lines for value adding to our products and ensuring an all-year-round food supply.

We cultivate Cassava, Rice, Maize and Soya, Citrus, Oil palm and Cashew, exotic and indigenous vegetables and other ornamental plants of economic value.

Our livestock units mainly poultry (Meat and Egg) production currently produces about 25,000 crates of egg weekly and houses about 14,000 live broilers which are being processed into a frozen and smoked chicken. We also have chicken parts including gizzard.

Our healthy fishes (catfish) produced from a well-designed freshwater out flowing pond are currently over 15,000 at various sizes. We provide smoke, grilled and live table size fishes at an affordable price.

Other products from the farm include; Rice, Garri (Yellow and White), Odourless Fufu, Elubo Lafun (Fermented Cassava Flour) and high-quality Cassava Flour.

The farm has maintained her commitment to meeting the nutritional needs of the nation and Africa at large. We are dedicated to spearheading the agrarian revolution.