Lime Lemonade Edition

The new Lemonade edition of lime comes with so many brand new features you will never get tired of using

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Status Update

This feature allows you to discuss their thoughts, whereabouts, or important information with your friends.

Likes and Commments

Like and share your thoughts using the comment system on games, pages, channels and other people's wall

Share Everything

Share other people's posts, comments, games, pages and anything you think is worth sharing on LIME LE

Voice/Video Calls

Make realtime voice or video calls on Lime LE with your friends and share exciting moments together like you where with them

Online Games

Looking for online games? haha! look no further, LIME allows you play top cool games online

Chats and Personal Messaging

Chat with friends online and send offline messages to them, LIME now allows you to send files and emoticons to them as well